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Hi, I'm Saša Jurić, a software developer with many years of professional experience in programming of web and desktop applications using various languages, such as Elixir, Erlang, Ruby, JavaScript, C# and C++. I'm also the author of the Elixir in Action book. In this blog you can read about Elixir, Erlang, and other programming related topics. You can subscribe to the feed, follow me on Twitter or fork me on GitHub.

Speaking at ElixirConf EU


I’m very excited that my talk on high-availability got accepted for the first European Elixir conference.

For the past three years, I have been evangelizing Erlang and Elixir here in Croatia, at our local annual WebCampZg event. In addition, I invested a lot of effort writing the book on Elixir which is now in its final stages.

All this work has been motivated by my own positive experience using Erlang and Elixir in production. Some four years ago, I started using Erlang almost by chance, and it helped me immensely in building a long-polling based HTTP push server together with the supporting data provider system. The more I worked with Erlang, the more I got fascinated with how useful it is when it comes to building server-side systems. Ultimately, it became my tool of choice for development of complex backend systems that need to provide reliable service.

I reached for Elixir two years ago, when I started this blog, hoping it will help me showcase the magic behind Erlang to OO developers. I was really surprised with the level of maturity and integration with Erlang, even at that early stage. Pretty soon, I started introducing Elixir in production, and discovered it further boosts my productivity.

Two years later, Elixir 1.0 is out, the ecosystem is growing, and we have great libraries such as Phoenix and Ecto, leveraging Elixir to further improve developer productivity.

Moreover, there’s a lot of learning material available. In addition to excellent online getting started guides and reference, there are three published books, with Elixir in Action almost finished, and two more in the making. The present looks great, and the future is even more promising. These are exciting times, and a great chance to jump aboard and start using Elixir and Erlang.

So if you happen to be interested, grab a ticket for ElixirConfEU while it’s available. Hope I’ll see you there!

While I’m in the announcement mode, I’ll also mention that we’re starting a local FP group here in Zagreb, Croatia. Details about the introductory drinkup can be found here, so if you happen to live nearby, come and visit us for some functional chat.


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